How to Install, Update & Set-up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting tools that comes with many built in tools which helps making accounting solution better. QuickBooks database server manager is also one of them with great utility to organize application for multiuser it has a vast use in QuickBooks because it enables us to take much advantage of QuickBooks software. With the help of this tool we can make network data(.ND) file for any computer file that is stored on host computer and if we are running more than one version of QuickBooks desktop we need to install QuickBooks database server manager for both version, We need to take care of chronological order while installing this for more versions.

Installation of QBDSM is must have requirement because without this we can’t run multiple QB Desktop version. This tool provides us many facilities and makes our work on the go very easily.

Quickbooks database server manager

How to Install ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’?

  • Move to the option “QuickBooks Installer” on the host computer.
  • Open the Installation wizard by making double click
  • Make sure that you have internet connection on host compute, if not available then give network connectivity.
  • Other programs need to be cleared from background, before proceeding, make them clear and click next.
  • Accept the license term agreement.
  • Now hit on the option “NEXT”.
  • Navigate to custom network option and select the installation type
  • Press the button with allow access option
  • Carefully follow all the instructions coming on the screen and try to complete the software installation.
  • Now you need to setup the QBDSM after the successful installation of the software.

How to update the Database Server Manager?

  • After installation please check whether or not any update available for this version, if it is not , please update it.
  • Next step is to update the “QuickBooks Desktop” to the latest release.
  • We need to ensure patch is same for host and server while updating QuickBooks.
  • Once the downloading is finished reboot the computer.
  • Now upload the company file that you wish to work with.
  • It gives us the option to take backup of company file, as updates can sometime alter the database.

How to set-up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

How to setup quickbooks database server manager

-* Firstly open the QuickBooks database server manager, and scan the file that need to be configured for multi user mode.

  • Next step is to scan the company files on the server to make sure that the files are configured properly to give them access to the multiple users.
  • Using monitored feature add the new company files and keep the database server manager is up to date.
  • Now, you need to ensure that ‘company files’ are well connected to the server and users are logged into company files.
  • Service Administrative tool is used to change the service mode; you can go with this option if you wish to change the service mode.
  • Use the ‘updates’ option & download the latest QuickBooks Database server updates.

Wrapping up this articles i wish that i have provide the much needed information required to work with QuickBooks Database Server Manage that how to download install and setup this software. If you feel that you need extra help regarding this you may call us at QuickBooks support phone number.